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The Honey Loaf was a popular lunch time spot on Canal Street in New Orleans LA. Although I loved being a restaurant owner, I closed it down to pursue more lucrative business ventures, travel the world, and to perfect my brand. 

When I first envisioned Honey Loaf I translated my ideas to paper. (As Shown Below) 

Once it was time to start building, I hired, engineers, architects, interior designers, plumbers, general contractors, etc to bring this dream to life. 

A strong foundation will keep you rooted. -Nerissa Reaves

Yesterday you could have a simple idea. Tomorrow you could  build an enterprise. 

Wouldn't have the passion for food, if it wasn't for my father. This one is for you with love.  

Hosting 2015 Mary Landrieu Luncheon

Cooking with Sally Ann Roberts 

Showing off my cooking skills on the local news.