About Me   

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I enjoy painting with acylics, resin, and mod podge.

Creating graphic designs and images is something I do for fun. 

I am a fierce Interior Designer. I transform spaces from scratch. Take a look at the



When I am passionate about my point of view I find various ways to illustrate my thoughts. Take  a look at this video after the slaying of American Citizen Alton Sterling. #RIPSTERLING

This is Trooper. I rescued her after she got hit by a car in front of me. She's all better now. I'm proud to share my heart with God's creatures. 

This is Chandler. I've had him since he was 3 weeks old. Now, he is 17 years old (119 in human years). 

I love my pets, young & old. Trooper wants to be Chandler's friend so bad but he acts like he doesn't care. 

I am a very determined boxer. I show no mercy in the boxing ring. 

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