About Me   

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About Me 

My name is Nerissa Reaves. I was born in New Haven, Connecticut. I am a January baby (Capricorn)  so I love the snow and I don't mind the cold at all. 

I spent my teenage years studying at a prep school in the USA and living abroad. I actually studied Japanese at a Buddhist temple in Ostu, Japan by Lake Biwa. This was an intense experience that taught me the value of silence and humility. 

When I graduated from Prep School, I moved to Atlanta to study at Spelman College. I majored in East Asian studies and the Japanese language. 

Upon graduation, I took a job with the Japanese Consulate for the JET Program. I moved to Saitama, Japan and worked as an English teacher for a couple of years. Once I finished my job assignment, I moved back to the United States to continue my education on the graduate level. I obtained a graduate level degree from the University of New Haven, in West Haven Connecticut.

I taught primary and middle school for several years in Connecticut before relocating to New Orleans, LA. I was devastated by what happened to New Orleans in Hurricane Katrina and I was determined to help. I took a job at Langston Hughes Academy (which was the first elementary school rebuilt after the storm). 

New Orleans was a scary place at that time. I didn't know anyone there but I was dedicated to the helping rebuild the city. Nearly, ten years later I have made New Orleans my home. After spending some years as a school teacher, I shifted fields completely. I became an entrepreneur and started my own restaurant, called Honey Loaf. Honey Loaf was a popular lunch time spot located on Canal Street in New Orleans.

A few years later I focused on renovating a historical landmark  in New Orleans LA called the Liberty Hardware Store and I turned it into a B&B called The Honey Lofts.  The Honey Lofts B&B was located on historical St. Bernard Ave., in a building that was extremely impacted by Hurricane Katrina. This renovation was extremely successful and the new business  attracted guests from all over the world. I enjoyed this experience but made the difficult decision to sell the building and pursue other dreams. 

Most recently I have decided to focus all of my attention on education. In 2019 my main goal is to educate people on financial literacy and how it relates to personal success and financial planning. There  is a lot going on in our economy right now and this year is off to a tumultuous start. There are many indications that this year will be extremely challenging due to changes in our nation and it's policies. Now is a great time to start your journey to be more financially independent. Many of you are burning with ideas to start your own businesses and brands that you see will fill necessary gaps in today's market. Did you know that you are a brand right now?  Honing your skills and talents to capitalize on your brand and turn it into revenue is the first step. Over the past year, I needed to put my money as a teacher and business owner to better use. I ran into some financial hurdles that were truly a set back. I wanted to recoup my losses quickly and grow my portfolio. I became a Marketing Director with http://professorhoneyl.myecon.net and I very quickly, multiplied my money and began my journey to restructure my brand and business. 

Now, I am looking to share these strategies with you so that can make, manage and multiply your money just like I did last year. I am looking for ambitious, smart and enterprising people to join my team. Once you join, I will guide you to financial success with tools like one-on-one consultations, the benefits of income shifting, credit repair and becoming your own business. 

In addition to being an entrepreneur and a teacher,  I am also a published model I have also been featured in several music videos such as Donell Jones' "Never Let Her Go" and Migos, "Look at my Dab.'